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Health resort in Turkey
  Treatment of skin deseases in the Medical centre
  «Balikli Kangal»

Nowadays Turkey is considered the most attended country in the world. It firmly holds leadership in the domestic travel market. Numerous health resorts of this country, any of which is the unique one are in great demand. Only 7 countries of the world may boast the splendid abundance of mineral springs. One of them is Turkey. There are 1300 springs on the territory of Anatolia. The temperature of these springs varies from +20 to +110C and the speed of water flow varies from 2 to 500 litres per second. The most famous and popular among tourists is THE SALUBRIOUS KANGAL SPRINT.


The resort is situated in the northern part of Turkey. The Salubrious Kangal spring was first notised in 1800 by inhabitants of the neighbouring settlements. With the lapse of time fame of the clinic spread all over the neighbourhood, and later throughout the country. The scientific researches of this occurrence begun to be held since 1981 by dermotology departament of the State University of Sivas city in the lead of professor Sedat Escherik. Ankara hydrotherapy clinic of the Turkish Ministry of public health in the lead of doctor Ikhsan Bala established that these springs are mineral and they contain selenium and zinc. The spring is unique sui generis. Its enormous healing power is conditioned not as much by water itself, as by magic fishes dwelling in it. Namely these sanitary assistants treat a broad spectrum of skin deseases. Fishes reaching the length of 10cm, living in springs, miraculously heal patients with psoriasis in two-three weeks, provided to stay not less than 8 hours a day in the spring and drink not less than two litres of its water a day. There are no other requests for absolute recovery of psoriasis-there is no need to keep any diet and take other different treatment procedures. 

     A treatment effect is stipulated by containing a great number of useful mineral substances in them, such as zinc and selenium. Nowadays Kangal springs are recognized the only really efficient ones in the treatment of psoriasis all over the world. It’s concerned with the fact that in Kangal an ideal combination of ultraviolet radiation, constant temperature of springs’ water (37-38 degrees) and so named “spa effect” is achieved.

     According to the tales, Kangal salubrious springs appeared as a result of earthquake, during the upheaval and the disappearance of lake. Since that time, the fishes dwelling in a lake before now live in thermal springs. The fact that these fishes are able to treat, revealed itself in 1917, when one of the herdsmen after visiting the springs healed from ulcer. Such a miraculous healing served as a foundation of Kangal health resort.

     Peculiar fishes of the springs live in a temperature of +37C, what is unusual for fishes. There are two species of fish dwelling in the springs: Gara Rufa and Cyprinion Macrostamus. In the ordinary conditions these species feed on plankton, but in the given habitat, as a result of inanition, they attack the affected by deseases areas of man skin. The healing effect is achieved thanks to that fishes graze the affected areas of skin, providing the access for reviving spring water.

     It is the mutual work of these two species of fish with the help of which a healing effect is achieved. First ones graze sore areas of skin, second ones –clear them from germs and disinfect by their saliva. And finally, when fishes provide access for reviving water to the affected areas of skin, it terminates the medical process, healing them thanks to high percentage of content of zinc ions, selenium (1,3 ppm), magnum, calcium and soda in it. Not the least of the factors, is that fishes, moreover, carry out an excelent micromassage, exerting a therapeutic and relaxing influence.

     The spring is situated high in the mountains at a hight of 1600 metres over the sea level, 13 km from Kangal city, 96 km from Sivas city, 450 km from Ankara. One may reach the resort by plane from Istanbul to Sivas city, and then taking an autobus (1 hour drive).


According to the conclusions of scientists from the department of physiotherapy and hydrology of the Medical University of Ankara, thermal water of Kangal spring in aggregate with magic fishes is recomended in healing a wide spectrum of skin deseases,such as: psoriasis, lichen ruber planus, ichthyosis, hyperkeratosis, infantile eczema(atopic neurodermatitis), rosacea, neurodermatitis, fungus infections, chronic eczemas, acne desease. Moreover in Kangal resort one is able to cure female disorders (lavages and irrigations); orthopaedic deseases and injuries (articulation injuries and damages of muscles, fractures); psychosomatic disorders; rheumatism; kidney stones (intake of water); neurologic deseases; radiculitis and so on. Intake of mineral spring water helps the sufferers of gastritis and ulcers. 


Malignant neoplasms, psoriatic erythrodermatitis, lupus erythematosus, trombophlebitis.


• Package price 15 days/ 14 nights makes up 1 695 AZN / 2158 USD per one head including accommodation in DBL ROOM;
• Package price 15 days/ 14 nights including accommodation in SGL ROOM makes up 2 160 AZN / 2 750 USD


• Treatment;
• Residence;
• 3-times a day nutrition;
• Medical insurance;
• Transfer Sivas Airport-Kangal-Sivas Airport


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