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 ExcursionPrice USD/per person.ScheduleTime
1Sightseeing excursion around Dubai 40  25  Mon., Fri13:00-19:00 
2Sightseeing excursion around Dubai (evening)70  45  Wed., Sat.15:45-21:30 
3Sightseeing excursion around Abu Dhabi76   45  Tue.13:00-22:00Supper
4Sightseeing excursion around Abu Dhabi (morning) 92    70  Sat.08:30-15:30Dinner
5Sightseeing excursion around Sharjah and Ajman 77    50  Wed.09:00-14:00 
6Journey to the seashore of an Indian Ocean 77    50  Thu., Sun.07:00-18:00Dinner
7Excursion around 5 Emirates 133      90  Thu., Sun.07:00-18:00Dinner
8Excursion to Al-Ayn 92    55  Tue., Fri.08:00-18:00Dinner
9“Wild Wadi”Aqua park 80    76  Daily10:00-16:00Swimsuit
10“Dreamland” Aqua park 70    55  Mon.09:30-16:00 Swimsuit
11“Aquaventure” Aqua park (Atlantis)93   72  Daily10:00-17:00 
12“Ice Land” Aqua park On demandMon.  
13Deserted Safari73   55 Daily16:00-21:30Supper
14Mountainous Safari144     90 Daily09:00-18:00Supper
15Voyage on board the Arabic Boat (Dau) 80    55 Wed., Sat.19:00-23:00Supper
16French boat140     96 Wed., Sat.19:00-23:00Supper
17Musandam (Oman). Marine cruise135     97 Tue.,Thu., Sun.08:00-19:00Supper
18Marine cruise on board the catamaran165       110     Thu., Sat.14:00-19:30Supper
19Caliph’s Tower95   69 Daily  
20Chase for crabs93   65 Wed., Sat.16:30-22:30Supper
21Fishing on the high sea (4 pax)On demand (Beginning from 650 $ Per cutter) 4 hoursMeals
22Burj Al Arab (meal extra)85   56  Daily  
23Moroccan bath houses (min 2 pax)142      Daily 
24Dolphinarium88   65  Except Sun.  
25Flight on board the hydroplane 430Daily(30 min) 
26Flight on board the helicopter 475 Daily(25 min) 
27Flight on board the balloon325    225    Daily(40-50 мin) 
28“Arabian Wild World” Zoo82  70    Mon.,Thu.    
29A winter day in Sunny Dubai (snow land)
122    100    Daily4 hoursLunch (30-35)
 USD no  compulcory
30Kidzania (kid’s land) 75/45  95    Daily(1.5-2 hours)  


- The indicated prices do not include additional transportation costs which depend on the hotel location;
- The excursions time is approximate, may vary depending on the hotel and other factors;
- Cancellation of excursion less than during 48 hours makes up 50% from the tour cost. In cases of cancellation of excursion less than within 48
  hours before the excursion starts, cancellation of excursion to Burj Al Arab and a flight on board the hydroplane/helicopter – we do not pay
  back the money;
- The prices for unpaid reservations/excursions are subjects for changes without a prior notification.


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