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Entry regulations
Visa to Azerbaijan is not required for most of the citizens of CIS countries (except Turkmenistan). Only citizens of Israel and Turkey may obtain visa on arrival to Baku airport. All the citizens of other countries have to obtain visa in advance. For most of the countries visa on arrival to Baku airport is no more available, this regulation is in effect since 15.10.2010.

Electronic travel visa 
Beginning from April 2013 a new regulation of obtaining electronic travel visas is applied. On using this procedure there is no need any more to appeal to Embassies and Consulates abroad. In order to obtain travel visa tourists should provide all the necessary information to AzLat Travel via electronic mail, after what our managers will prepare corresponding documents, add the information to a special article of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs site executing electronic visa. Processing the information on the side of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes from 15 to 20 working days. After confirming electronic visa, it is sent to an applicant in PDF format via electronic mail and for entering Azerbaijan tourist needs just to print the given document and show it at the border. This visa is effective during the first month and may be used at all border points of Azerbaijan (Airport, Rail Facilities, Sea Port, and Auto).

List of documents for obtaining electronic travel visa
• Filled in and signed form for electronic visa;
• Travel voucher (is provided on the side of AzLat Travel);
• Confirmation voucher on the side of hotel (is issued by AzLat Travel);
• Payment confirmation;
• Two colour passport photographs in JPG format (3 × 4 size, head and shoulders on a white or light background);
• Scanned passport copy in JPG format (should be valid within a period of not less than 6 months after a date of visa expiry);
• Air ticket or confirmation of reservation. In case if you enter or leave Azerbaijan by other means, you have to indicate it. If you use vehicle,
  indicate a type of vehicle, license plate the point of crossing the border.

• Fill in the form with capital letters and don’t forget to sign at the end. Signature on visa application form means that tourist is informed about
  the legal consequences of giving false or incomplete information in the course of executing visa;
• In case if tourist gives false or incomplete information, he may be refused in issuing visa either an applicant may be deported from Azerbaijan
• Data is not subject to change after submission of documents to the Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
• Visa cost, payment for the visa fee is not refundable;
• AzLat Travel is not responsible for failure to implement or timeliness of executing visa on the side of the Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign
  Affairs, as well as for refusal in obtaining visa;
• Foreigner is obliged to leave the territory of Azerbaijan before the expiry of visa.
• Violation of visa system may lead to administrative and penal sanctions with respect to the tourist upon departure;
• Electronic visa is valid only till the indicated date in visa document. If tourist stays for more number of days, indicated in electronic visa, it
  will be considered as violation of legislation, and may lead to payment of fine at the rate of 300-400 AZN (384 - 512 USD), and also to
  deportation and ban on entry to Azerbaijan in the next 5 years (if tourist refuses to pay);
• Make sure that there are two spare pages in your passport and the date of passport expiry is valid before arrival to a country. For most of
  the countries validity of passport should be not less than 6 month before arrival;
• If you have ever visited the Upland-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan Republic, occupied by Armenia and there are corresponding notations
  about an entry to that region in your passport, you may be refused to enter Azerbaijan at the border, even if you have Azerbaijan visa;
• To avoid misunderstandings during departure, make sure that a stamp about entry was affixed on your electronic visa form at the border
  and keep this document with you till the departure.

Services payment can be implemented by the following means:
• By means of remittances, such as Western Union, Золотая Корона, Migom, Money Gram;
• By means of bank transfer on an account of AzLat Travel. In some cases intermediary banks deduct commission charges and a final amount,
  which comes on your account, appears less than one that be billed. That’s why make sure that you cover all the bank expenses while making
  the payment;
• By cash (through your friends, family and relatives) in our office in Baku.


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